Blaster Ranking amongst current weapons

not the best, but really cool looking

I think it is an edited version of the zapper. (you can press and hold do deal damage quickly)

It’s basically a quantum portal reversed.

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Guys, shouldn’t this be closed right now? I already made a guide on the Blaster so why is this still open?

Well, because no solution has been marked.


yeah and I guess since people are still discussing about it…


Has this been solved yet?

Hey, that’s called necroposting. Don’t necropost.


oh, sorry, my bad.
necropost means to post a long time right?

Necroposting is when you bump a post that’s been dead forever. You should only bump Community Made Guides that are useful. Bumping Devices or Help topics is useless unless you are the Original Poster (OP) and need help urgently.