Blaster Ranking amongst current weapons

Where does the blaster currently rank amongst our weapons? I am rather curious to hear everyone’s opinions on it.

My thoughts: Absolutely horrendous damage, good speed, fire rate, and good range. Essentially a lower version of a slingshot.


Well you can now technically have a megaphone

In the rankings, in any other game mode than Blastball, it is useless. It can’t hit anyone so I would rank it last.

It was added in the new update to have a little bit of damage.
It’s like the Snowball Launcher combined with the Slingshot but it’s damage is zapper-level

Put a blaster on a sentry and give it max accuracy and fire rate. That thing will hit you at least three times.

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Damage? Is the damage applied in the Blastball game?

No, you can’t hit players in blastball but I think it does damage in creative.

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Yeah but it does minimal damage. The most it can do is 32 in legendary tier


The damage it does in it’s Legendary tier is what most gadgets can accomplish in their Rare-Epic tiers.
Shows how low it’s damage is lol.

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No it deals 32 damage per shot for legendary.

20 at common

it has great projectile speed.

Instead of 20 ammo like in Blastball. It has 28. Also it reloads quickly and shoot really quickly.

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I guess that’s the only thing saving it from being the worst weapon. (It’s the zapper)

20 dmg isnt that bad
if u have like god accuracy you can do good dmg

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Yeah, but it can stack if you aren’t careful. It’s a big projectile and it can be pretty hard to dodge it. Besides damage boost


I think it’s better than both the pml and the snowball launcher


Snowball Launcher? It’s probably the best in the game.


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Which situations would the blaster be useful in?
Quantum Portal is best for tight and narrow corridors or from people at high speeds
Slingshot is a great high dmg weapon with long range, good for pop in obstacles.
Wooden Wand is okay damage, good reload time, moderate range.
P.M.L is an alternative to a slingshot, with slower projectiles and a slight curve to the shots.
Zapper is fast fire rate, reload time, and low range
Snowball Launcher is decent fire rate, good damage, good speed, good reload time, and excels in wide open areas.

So what would the blaster be good for?

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that is the slingshot, due to projectile speed and damage