Blastball Help!

Hi! I just have some questions about a blastball (soccer-based) game, which is just inside a town map my friends and I are building! Anyways I need some help with a few problems I’m having with it!

  1. My goals are not working, the ball just bounces off the goal line and is not going inside.

  2. Is there a way to limit where the ball can go without building a wall or a wall of barriers because currently, it is going all over the town!

Thank You to anyone who helps because I’m stumped😀!
And I can answer any questions that people ask about it!
(also before anyone asks I did look at other guides)

Um, I’m not sure about that, the best thing I can think for you is to either have props surround the area, or have invisible barriers without borders surrounding the place. That’s your answer for the second one, just gimme a sec to answer the first one.

Ok I can definitely do that

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I don’t think that’s related to their question, they were saying that the ball isn’t going inside the goal, and was also asking for a way to contain the ball.

Okay wait, for you first question @KIKI-PIE, did you use a ball-capture zone, or a prop? Because the ball went in for me.

oops sorry wrong one

Yeah, I already have looked at the first guide and I have a score system!
Thank you tho + it is ok!

Read my earlier message please, it has something to do with your question.

Try this guide

I am using a ball-capture zone and what I mean by not going in is bouncing off the goal line

Huh, that’s weird, did you use a gadget to blast the ball into the zone?
It’s working for me. Wait, gimme a sec, I just found out I could configure it’s look :rofl:
Okay, I tried it, it’s still working for me. Are you sure you just keep hitting the goal posts?

I might try re-putting in my goals

This is what my goals look like!

Okay, do you think enlarging the goal would work? Maybe the ball’s to big to fit?

I am going to try that :slight_smile:

Yay! It worked thank you soo much!!!

(post deleted by author) Didn’t see that you already marked!

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