Better Thumbnails (Improvement)

Hello, this topic was made to address the problem of the MANY thumbnail requests.

These are ideas of things to incorporate into your thumbnail to make a eye-catching picture I also have some not do’s

Things to add

I would recommend at least having a drawing of a gim in your thumbnail. This helps it stay relevant to the game. There are many images online of Gims.

The Title

Having the title of the game in your thumbnail can help catch peoples eye.

Not do's
Don't do this

I would not recommend having backgrounds that clash or overpower the first layer of things. (ex. having blue gims fighting would not look good with a solid red background.)

False advertisement

This is more of an honor system, but click-bait is just not cool. Nobody wants to click on a game that advertises as something else.


Never place a picture showing you, your surrounding, and personal information. You could be surprised by the amount of stuff people can find out about a person by one picture.

Those were a few things I would suggest not doing and doing. This is not perfect by any means, but I hope it improves your Thumbnails.

This link removes the backgrounds of images so you can add the picture without the background. :to use just grab a picture in another tab and drag it into and it will revome the backround

Hope this helps :+1:

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there are already three (or more) guides about this.
it’s basically repetitive.


Kind of ironic since you made a guide on thumbnails lol.

Most topic show how to make thumbnails, this was more of a how to improve thumbnails.

I just messaged the mods to help solve the clutter of thumbnails to organize it.

not removing it

improving is still a process of making,
but adding onto it.

but whtv

A little ironic, but could you add pictures as exapmles?

Oh! Happy birthday @Kat_aronii!

Maybe they could make a tag for thumbnail requests that ping certain people


*me sad now… :frowning:

I made it because there are SO many thumbnail request, and this was just some suggestions on how to improve.

oh mb
and thx

but the tag that pings certain people (imo)
isn’t a good idea. It may just irritate people more

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oh, this is nice, but i think you should add more pictures. also, i will never be good at thumbnails…

(@christal, we made a message for you, but it needs to be in private)

(@Kat_aronii i saw it)

agreed with that! I mean, pictures are powerful!
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can you have example pictures