Bedwars Game ending help

So i am making a bedwars game, and I there are 4 teams (and 4 bed props), and I was wondering if there was a way, if when 3 of the beds are destroyed the 4th (the last remaining team with a bed) wins.

try what @CoolGimkitPlayer made How to make a last man standing system actually work! (Difficulty: :yellow_square:) and connect it to what you used to your bedwars design, but you also have to wonder what about any others that have a broken bed and are still alive.

When prop destroyed ā€”> Increment Counter (Counter)
Do that for all 4 beds. Make the counter have a target of 3.
When Target Value Reached (Counter) ā€”> End Game (End Game)

but what if there are still people alive after their bed is broken?

Hey! Iā€™m just answering the question they had.

but the game is setup in teams tho


what do you want @Pandapants2000?

but the steps you have sent are for individual players, and also @GimSolver method works kinda, bc I wanted to show the notification or someway of showing the last team has one, and when there is only one of the team bed remaining it also has to end game.

ok show me when you done

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what do i have to show you?

i think he wants to see the finished progect

when you finsh, show me pictures so I can do it to. :slight_smile:

its not finished tho, there is still a lot of things I have to do with that, like with my other question, I need to figure out that first.

do you know anyone who can help with this case?

no sorry