Battle Royal Project, countdown

So I was working on on a battle royal and I needed to know how to make it so that it starts counting down when everyone has pressed a button and is at a platform, how is this possible?

Use that for the countdown

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I know how to do countdown I just don’t know how to make it start counting down when all the players press a button

Just connect a button to the repeater.

Have all the buttons connect to a counter. When the counter reaches a target, do what you want it to.

except that would only activate for 1 player, I want it so that when every player is done pressing the button to start it

Ok thanks, that will work

Make a player counter(search that up if you haven’t.) Make the counter track a property (make sure you place a property device and set that property to a number property.) Make the button trigger a trigger with this blockcode:

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Wait! I read wrong! Listen to @NavyCatZ!

ok, good to know that

You can use a live player counter to detect the amount of players in the game, and connect that counter to a property. Furthermore, you can have the button deactivate when someone presses it, with the scope on player, and have the button increment a counter. Have the counter update another property, and when that property changes, you can check if property 1=property 2, if so, broadcast on a channel to teleport everyone to a place.
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Just put letters in these <> to make them invisible.

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ah ok

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