Barrier Problems

So I was wondering if barriers could only let projectiles through???

They can let players through I thought… Can you show an example and maybe move this to bugs?

They can if it’s player scope and you activate it on game start and the barrier is inactive on game start.

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I can’t exactly show it… but the option says Collision: Do or do not let players or projectiles through

Is it on or off?

Right now it’s off


@th3_ca1tsune can you help me get unsilenced on the gimkit creative chat padlet, I have something to say


and the player can’t go through? also you can record on Chromebook by clicking the rectangle with 2 lines, ctrl, and shift all at the same time and selecting the video camera.

Um but I can’t see it in game so how am I supposed to sho0t at it

So I’ll dive into the depths of what I consider a reasonable explanation of this phenomenon.

So let’s start with how the game detects collision. My explanation uses a collision map (it very much might not be this way in gimkit’s code, but it makes sense). A collision map is basically where the collision points are. When you go anywhere, the game checks the collision map. Easy enough right? Let’s get to the fun stuff now. We now have to deal with activating and deactivating barriers. When it’s global scope, activating/deactivating barriers updates ALL PLAYERS’ collision maps. When it’s player scope, it updates only that player’s collision map.

So what about any projectiles’ collision map? It wouldn’t make sense for a bullet to follow a specific player’s collision map. So it would follow a global collision map. A global collision map is the starting collision map, but it only updates for barriers with global scope.

Please tell me if I have anything wrong with any predictions from this model since I’m not an expert at collisions in gimkit.

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