Barrier Illusion Lighting Engine (BILE) for Non-Euclidean Gimkit


The final result if you follow this guide completely will look like this though one might prefer to use it for rooms. I would also like to remind you that the teleporter is completely optional. I will also add a section at the end of the article for how this can be used in Non-Euclidean GKC.

The Basics

Start by building some kind of building or structure with a one or two block entrance (MAKE SURE IT IS ONLY ONE OR TWO). The main point is to make sure that you have a clear entrance (This will be important later).

Start by covering EVERYTHING around the building with black barriers. Set all of these barriers up by turning off active on start and setting the scope to the player. Set the barrier to activate on channel “ (Building Name) Entered” and set it to deactivate on “(Building Name) Exited”. With that the darkness is complete.

Now set up two triggers. Set the both triggers to be invisible in game. Choose one trigger to use as your entrance trigger. Set this trigger to be activated on game start and set it to broadcast on channel “ (Building Name) Entered” when triggered. Then set it to deactivate on “(Building Name) Entered” and activate on “(Building Name) Exited”. Next it is time to start on the second trigger, the exit detector. Set this to be deactivated on game start. Set this to activate on channel “ (Building Name) Entered” and set it to deactivate on “(Building Name) Exited”. Then set it to broadcast on channel “(Building Name) Exited’ when triggered. With that place the exit trigger in front of the entrance door closer to the outside and place the entrance trigger on the inside side. With that the system is complete

Explanation for Uses in Non-Euclidean GKC

If you need an explanation for Non-Euclidean GKC here is a link:

The idea is that you may enter into a room that is larger than it looks like on the outside or you enter a tunnel that appears to enter a room but you end up in a whole other place. Currently in GKC you can only simulate this with an illusion but this lighting engine appears to be a quite viable way to do this.

Guide for use in Non-Euclidean GKC

This will be a bit of a less dense guide to the concept but the basic idea is to pair this with the use of teleporters. The downside is that each of the rooms MUST be built in separate areas. The idea is that if you enter from one side of a tunnel you would enter another room but if you enter from the other side you would end up in a different room. This would require the slight use of teleporters. Remember the triggers in the beginning? What about building two of the devices on different ends of the tunnel then placing teleporters that are activated and deactivated depending on the triggers that are activated from both ends of the tunnel. This could effectively create the illusion of Non-Euclidean Gimkit. To our advantage also, teleporters are fast meaning it will be very hard to notice the change in location. In conclusion, hopefully this idea contributes to Non-Euclidean GKC.

Happy Gimkiting!

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Nice guide! I can see plenty of ways where this can be effective!


BILE!!! Nice guide!


Nice Guide! This can be used a lot of ways! Might use this in my map.

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I love how the illusion works. This is amazing!

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