Barrier Art [For the Best artist award]

So I am wanting some really good images that gimkit has that I can make out of barriers, the barrier will be a 1x1 on a 2 grid. That making it very small, yet super detailed, time consuming, and impressive. But I only have one idea and i want a few more to compare my options. So if you have any ideas( has to be gimkit related) i will gladly look at them.My 100th topic!


that would be fun to fight for i would love to see art

yeah my guess is this will be the most competitive one of the awards. But do you have any ideas?

well i though of speed runs with the requirment of video proof, or building the best new prop art, another could be an award for thumbnail help with a theme for it

fan artist award is for thumbnails, i was saying like images or something. i don’t really know.

I will make barrier art. prob not the best tho. I am still gonna try

well its not offical i only learned a little from @Claire_B

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k good luck on your art.

yeah look at this post and at what BH said to caternaught.

oh so it is avaible okay so then it does matter well i do wish you guys luck you can technically use barrier art you already have made

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Here is some I have already made. This one is probably not gonna win any prizes.


true, its still good looking, but people on here will be doing some pretty huge projects to win. So you want to go big on your work.

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Yeah, I know this. time to get to work.

What do you mean by this, wolf?

i mean a 1x1 square the barrier fitting in 1 slot and the grid being on 2, the smallest sitting on grid snap. Yes a bit extreme.

btw i ment 2, not 64.


yes, that [1]

  1. you have the ticket too? how am i the only one without it? ↩︎

I don’t get it. How do you use the grid? [1]

  1. Yes I have the ticket. I just had a map I needed to finish ↩︎

Like this, im trying to find a way to shrink the barrier or more.