Backward Bear's Rithekd Clacian Myszian Wavian Haiasian Name Checker System | Difficulty: 🟩

This. I put it there. Is that okay?


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Thanks! Also, like my new bio topper? I need to know what it looks like.

Oops, I seem to have BUMPED into the send button

Oh wow… I honestly forgot about this, it’s been so long since bear left.


R.I.P. Legend!!!

Oh, I didn’t know, I am sorry…

boompity boompity bump bump

Bump. It’s great to be back. Wow lol this place has changed…

hello mr backwars bear extraordinaire!!!

You’re back! Hooray!

gasp Hi!! We missed u!
(no kidding man, this place has changed dramatically and I’ve only been here for a few months)

hiii pi! Glad you’re back! Ok, time to get back on topic lol.