Automated Silence Reasons

If you got silenced, there is a chance the system could have silenced you. Check these reasons out:

Typing too fast

This can be a possible reason for being silenced. This commonly happens towards new people. This is most often caused when you try to make a topic too fast, like it takes a few seconds for you to type out the topic than sending it to the public.
Reason: This is done because spam bots exist, and they could be differentiated by their typing speed.

TL3 flags

If you get a large amount of flags from TL3 users, then you will also be silenced. They have more powerful flags, so this can be a silence reason. Sometimes, your posts will be hidden as well.
Reason: TL3 has the tools to flag people and silence them, like spammers

Filtered Words

Some words can silence you. If this happens, please avoid typing those words again. Those words are meant to silence you.
Reason: These words are not allowed on the Forum.
Note: This may not be implemented.


Nice guide @twofoursixeight, this will be QUITE helpful and important towards new users.


Nice guide! To lengthen it a bit, you could explain why some of those measures are in place, like the typing too fast one


Might add the reason why they are most likely there


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