Asscociate property

So I learned how to make it so that destroying a prop ( a bed in this case ) prevents a player from respawning and sends them to “Spectators”. (Credit to @kyro)

Now I have 4 four teams, but they all have different beds, so how do I associate a whole team to a bed, because there isn’t an option for a SPECIFIC team in the property?

For my whole “lore” click this line: Dead after bed destroyed - Help - Gimkit Creative

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After destroying a bed, they dont respawn (so Bedwars)

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Use four properties, one for each team, that store whether the team’s bed is broken or not

Yeah but how do I make it so that happens?
Could you send an image or something cuz i have 0 clue.

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Just place four properties, team1, team2, team3, and team4. When a player dies, get their team. If their team is team1, look at the team1 property. If their team is team2, look at the team2 property. When a bed is broken, set the property for the team to “no bed”. Then, when a player dies, get their team and check if the property says the bed is gone.

Screenshot 2023-05-29 3.42.27 PM

Just add a checker in the end for a property value

It doesn’t work… it makes the player on the other team and me both die.

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Can you send an image of the setup for just ONE bed?

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I’m sorry, I can’t acsess creative right now, I’m on mobile :frowning:

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Im sure someone else can…]
Thanks for trying to help :smiley:

  1. Property Device: Use four separate Property devices, one for each team. These will hold a Number value representing whether the team’s bed is intact or not. At the start of the game, set these to 0.
  2. Bed Prop: For each team, associate a Bed prop with a specific Trigger device. When the Bed prop is destroyed, it should trigger the Checker device.
  3. Checker Device: For each player’s respawn event, use a Checker device to verify the value of their team’s Property device. If the Property value is 1 (indicating their bed has been destroyed), then instead of respawning, the player should be moved to the “Spectators”.
  4. Knockout Manager: Wire this to a Team Switcher to signal if a player’s team property is set to 1, they switch to the spectator team.
  5. Team Switcher: This is used to switch the player to the “Spectators” team if their bed is destroyed.

The main complexity here lies in properly wiring the Bed props and devices, so that each team’s bed correctly affects the respawning of that team’s players

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You could use a relay → item granter setup to give all players on a specific team an item when that teams bed is destroyed, then use a checker → team switcher to change everyone with that item to spectator team. This is a version of a tech called psuedo teaming, and it’s an incredibly powerful tool.


Why can’t you use team-scoped properties?

Use the team scope on the property. When it changes, broadcast to a respawner or team switcher.

I usually forget about anything that isn’t block code, since I rarely use it. Good point!

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