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Please paste some art that is made by you and only by you.
My art:
This art was made from barriers set to blue and a chemical tube with a dark blue tint.

Step 1

First you take a couple of barriers and they all have to be the same shape and color and arrange it in the bus order like in the picture (7 of them)

Step 2

Take a barrier the same color as the rest and make it long and thin shown in the picture

Step 3

Get two circle barriers that are black and put it on the bottom

Step 4

Get two more circle barriers that are gray and a little smaller than the black ones and put it on top of the black ones.

Step 5

Put a blue chemical bottle with a blue tint and enlarge it and put it on top

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Battle Bus

Battle Bus

this isnt a guide. please add some steps.

It’s an art gallery. Can’t you do that?

no. that is a showcase. showcases arnt allowed

But only if they include instructions on how to do it.

I fixed it up a bit, does that work?

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step by step instructions
also usually these are made by regulars for the wiki

How am I susposed to do a step by step? The art was hard.

you could metion how you used the barrier

and how would I do that?

how big it is the certain color you used stuff like that

ok. I will try it. But I will be offline for a bit.

or what props you used and how you messed with it to make the battle bus

look at what I just said

didn’t see that while I was typing but ok good luck

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Ok I’m back online and ready

what did you do while you were gone :slight_smile:

I had to do some school work :expressionless:

We should stay on topic so we don’t get in trouble.