Art for new game or profile

I need art for my game. This is a rough sketch:

He is supposed to be standing heroically on a rock. Needs to look like a dragon with many heads with wings and a tail. Heads from left to right: 1 has a helmet smile , 2 has shades with smirk , 3 (middle) has heroic look on face with a teeth showing smile, 4 is rolling his eyes, and 5 is wearing glasses. I know it looks bad, art isn’t my strong suit! (Is this off topic?)

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Yea its off-topic. Post in Wixsite

Looks pretty good as a rough sketch! This is not off topic as long as it is for Gimkit Creative.

Oh okay, @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns . Sorry, just pretty new here. Still not so sure about things.

It’s fine. We all make mistakes. getrithekd wanted the stuff to be in wixsite to avoid getting banned because he said that GKC is not doing art atm.

Sorry. I’ll make it show off topic

Okay, got it @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns ! I will keep that in mind!

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So what you want is essentially a [dark grey] hydra with 5 heads, 2 striking wings, and a spiked tail curled? The leftmost head has a helmet smile, the 2nd leftmost has shades and a smile, the middle has its teeth baring grimacing, the second rightmost has a sarcastic/silly expression, and the rightmost is wearing shades and looking ominous?

I myself can’t draw, but I just wanted to summarize. Is that all correct?

Yes. That sounds great! Could you find any one?

Just unmarked a solution.

you can use AI if you’re really descriptive

How? I don’t know how to do that!

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You can use Canva’s Magic Image AI. Look it up.

Hydra, like Ouroboros, can take on the initial traits and characteristics of any other Dragon Type or Dragon Species. Hydra is a separate Dragon Type because of the additional physical characteristic, the most common of which is multiple heads. Some Hydras present with additional tails, arms, or wings. (Got this off google, though… i am lucky to be spared!)

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That wasn’t correct mythology. It’s from a game’s lore.

Are you desperate for allies?

Ohhhh… Okay. Not anymore! (Just desperate for OOAH members… stop the chat! Arggh, I get off topic so much.)

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Ok, I was going to offer to be your ally outside of DOD (not to help u ally with DOD). You’re right, let’s stop the chat. Bye!

Wait, I still want allies, just not desperate! I accept the offer! I change bio now, if you want.

OK. I’ll be your ally, @Dark_Hydra, but please understand that this is only an alliance with me, not all of DOD. Read my lore, and you’ll see I’m really an Elder Wizard in the form of a dragon. What do u think of my bio lore?

Are you allying with the enemy? Tsk Tsk TSk