Anyone want a thumbnail

Im into making thumbnails right now if you need one please reply the following
What’s the game name
what features might it have ex. types of gims, specific gradients, specific props and such etc.
what message would I relay (what message would I add to the thumbnail) (doesn’t have to have one)
what is the color palette
should it be cartoon, realistic, or other (I don’t do hand drawn)
who should I put for credits (who helped or made the game)
Things I will put:
my signature (that’s it)
Here are some of my previous thumbnails

these aren’t allowed if you want to make art @Morepeko8 and @BananaBunny are making a padlet for thumbnail requests because user couldn’t handle a wiki


crap sorry I’ll fix this before I get flagged post

how is it not allowed?

thumbnails are good for requests and tips
topics for requesting are just getting flagged
There were 2 wikis that got flagged because people can’t handle it even though it was the solution to the thumbnail clutter

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wait so the clutters just big but it is allowed as long as it doesn’t get flagged?

oh okay, thank you.

lol, I was there.

NVM I’ll post on the padlet

I made a wiki twice to solve the clutter but people flagged it
I even had jeff’s approval

what’s the padlet?

attempting to use a padlet for thumbnails to cut down on clutter

its considered ad advertising.

thanks @Foxy (I don’t want to get flagged)

the new wiki got flagged but not the requests


it wont let me delete it

COOL! so you can just post thumbnails on there, huh.

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when there are replies you can’t instead mark a solution

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