Anybody want to Collab on American Football? (Difficulty 8/10)

I have a good idea for making American Football, but I don’t want to build the map. I can’t make a guide on it because it will probably have more bugs than the difficulty of my item dropper.


im ok at maps

I would but you would need the football at every single possible place, so, no. Also, you need to calculate where the football is being thrown, ect.

Maybe. Tell me how the football pass would work.

So the quarterback chooses a play, and a color appears for the places the quarterback can throw to. The quarterback clicks an overlay when someone reaches one and f the barriers. The person catching the football would get switched to another team to show who has the football.

Uh yeah sure, but I can’t do it today. Tell me if you have time and put it on discourse or wix.


@getrithekd, you still making this?


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