Any military prop ideas

I have made a few military props before, but I am lost on what to build next so any ideas help

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um a bunker?

you got tanks? that be good

Ok, I will start work on that rn

Military training ground.
They practice on sentries.

Finished the bunker (its based off of COD zombies nuketown’s bunker)

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You could do jeeps of something like that!

I will start on that rn

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a closed/barricaded door with some cherry juice flooding out (the factory spilled) wait im thinking of zombies

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Mark a solution is you are satisfied.

I did one jeep already (kinda) How to make a Dodge Power Wagon

No No, I am making zombies map

oh ok then my idea would fit in

if its a zombies map then you could try to do some abandoned buildings!

I will start work on that rn

missile truck!!

that is actually pretty cool

You could use @Haiasi 's mushroom cloud!

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