Any ideas of upgrades in my tycoon upgrade other than cash per second?

I’m lost on ideas to make upgrades. Any ideas you guys have?

More speed or strength?

IDK what a tycoon is BTW

Tycoon is a game that you buy upgrades to get more money, then you use that money to buy better upgrades. Have the most cash you can at the end.

Yes, just make you be able to purchase better weapons

so, like, One Way Out?

Build up your building and buy speed health etc.

Yeah, but you can buy player upgrades and build things.

Ever thought about adding a sabotaging mechanic

Like Among Us sabotaging? I think there was a guide on that, but I can’t remember the name…

Never mind, here it is:
Among Us Close Door Sabotage
This is only one, but it would still work.

Yeah but stealing money, disabling money until another player fixes the thing, and a slow down mechanic.

Maybe instead of just a positive trigger, wire the cash giver to a negative trigger, therefore taking money from the player.

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Add a house path that upgrades your house with cash

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