Any Ideas For Games or Giuides?

maybe a 2d version of trust no one where one player is given a weapon to kill other innocent players maybe call it murder mayhem and players have figure out who the murderer is.

Cool! I have made Among Us already. But the school one and escape room sounds cool!

Like the idea!


Creating unique games and guides for Gimkit that haven’t been seen before or are rare can be quite challenging due to the platform’s versatility and wide user base. However, I’ll provide some suggestions that could stand out as distinctive:

  1. Gimkit Galactic Conquest: A strategy game where players are assigned different planets in a galaxy. They can expand their territories by completing different tasks and challenges, including solving riddles, completing puzzles, or quick reaction challenges. Some planets may have unique properties or contain valuable resources that provide strategic advantages.

    Theme: Space and Strategy

  2. Whodunit in Gimville: Taking inspiration from Murder Mystery, let’s transpose it into a small town setting. One player takes on the role of a detective, others become townsfolk, and one player secretly plays the part of the mischievous Trickster. Players interact with various devices and ‘complete tasks’ around town while the Trickster tries to create chaos and the Detective works to unveil them.

    Theme: Mystery, Tasks, and Role-play

  3. Fortune Houses: Players are residents in a neighborhood. Each player has their own property. Random events impact the houses, which players need to resolve by completing tasks. Occasionally, ‘neighborhood-wide events’ shake things up for everyone.

    Theme: Simulated Life and Random Events

  4. Gimkit Adventure Quest: Players explore a virtual world filled with secrets, puzzles, and hidden treasures. Completing tasks or solving riddles reveals parts of the map or unlocks tools necessary for further exploration. Players compete to find a grand treasure first or collaborate to unravel the world’s mysteries.

    Theme: Adventure and Puzzle-solving

Remember, these are just ideas to inspire you. Feel free to adapt or modify them to better suit your vision. Here are some intentive game guide ideas:

  1. Game Mechanics Inspired by Nature Guide: This guide can delve into creating game mechanics inspired by elements found in nature, like changing weather conditions affecting player speed, or terrain types affecting player mobility (using the Speed Modifier or Zone devices). For instance, creating a sandstorm that limits player visibility and slows them down, or even a day and night cycle where in the day, players can move wherever they want, but in the night, players are restricted to a specific area.

  2. Dimensional Rift Guide: This guide can focus on using the Teleporter device to create dimensional rifts or portals, giving a sci-fi twist to your games. It could explore various creative uses for teleportation, like puzzle-solving, evasion tactics in combat, or as a surprise element in a scavenger hunt game.

  3. Stealth and Subterfuge Guide: Explore how to create stealth-based mechanics using Zone, Barrier, and Speed Modifier devices. It could include topics such as setting up AI sentries that players must avoid, creating shadow zones where players can hide, and implementing a sprint mechanic for quick escapes.

  4. Building an RPG in Gimkit Guide: A guide that explains how to use devices like Vending Machine, Starting Inventory, Health Granter, and Sentry to create a role-playing game within Gimkit, complete with character progression, equipment upgrades, and NPC encounters.

  5. Creating Survival Horror Mechanics Guide: This guide can discuss creating survival horror mechanics like limited vision (using Camera View), zones of danger (using Zone and Sentry), limited resources (using Item Spawner and Item Granter), and more to create tension and fear.

Remember, these are just starting points for your guides. Feel free to add your own unique twists and ideas to make them truly your own.

im actually working on a school infection game thing
all i have is the school lol

You could make it so that the zombies tag or whatever

If you want a challenge, make a calculator :slight_smile:

I’m definitely going to make the school one. It’s my favorite idea.

I have a game idea about a dungeon crawler like spelunky. have you ever played it it’s a really fun game

you could also make a mario game with sentry’s

Yeah, I love Spelunky. The second one is goated. Actually, I started that just now. Thanks for the idea!

Does anyone know how to make sentry’s move


@GimAI when will they add crafting and farming :frowning:

idk man ive been waiting for a while anyways

As far as I know, they are still planning on adding those features, but there isn’t any particular rush to get them done. The developers have to take breaks too, and they’re also working on designing new things for the upcoming school year… the new features will be released when they’re finished :]