Another question, for my game

I haven’t tried yet but how to you make the game end when team 1 runs out of energy or is that no possible.

like everyone on team one?

it is possible but someone else would probably have to tell you because i cant access gimit right now

the forum is not just regulars

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sorry about that i had a mistake when typing that message

yeah, becuase team 1 is going to be one person and become a seeker, team 2 is the hiders so there are going to be multiple people on that team.

so if one person has energy the game doesn’t end

ok no problem. I will keep trying

if the seeker has no energy then it does not end until he/she does not have energy. other with the game goes on till the seeker finds the hiders. Hiders have only 100 which is 1.6 minutes to hide.

I suppose you could make it to where a movement meter takes 1 of whatever item you want and the seeker has 100 of them so when the item runs out the game ends?

So you do or don’t know how to make the game end when the item runs out. Am I able to use a finish line or something like that?

what do you mean

So say the seeker has 12 energy left and the game is suppose to end when the seeker has no energy. So when energy gets to 0 then the game ends. Sorry if I am not making sense it is the best I can do. @potato1 potato1

1 seeker right

@potato1 Yes you are correct

give me sec I am building a solution

okay I will wait and try my self

Are you using a movement meter? Just transmit on channel when out of energy(that’s an option) to a game end device…

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Yes I will be using the movement meter.

found solution