Another of those weird error pages

??? Don’t even know how this one happened…


Has happened to me randomly a few times, I don’t know what causes it.


Wait, no, they ain’t adding ads, right?

ad probably stands for something else. gimkit code is compiled to be as small as possile, so things are named “r” and “e” or other non descriptive names.

Contact support and include the error below.
In this case use this screenshot:

Happened to me during one of the Game Nights in the Gimkit discord

Well, it happened again! I think it has something to do with internet going out when the tab is inactive for a while and you save tab data.

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It usually happens when the site is lagging.

Hmm, okay.
Email Gimkit Support for this. If you only have a school

shcool account, PM the mods.


@Little is gone, so…


I have a gmail address I can email them on.

The error strikes again! I was just randomly helping with a game and then it crashed.

That happens to me a lot(mayeb 3 times only…)!