Another new game! Sorry @Water!

Make an overlay titled “Flashlight” and have it reveal any nearby ghosts, * idon’t know how to make it work though*

I’ll try to find a way to do that (If I choose to do Luigi’s Mansion).

The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
pick at least one concept from on of those there’s NO way you don’t find one at least moderately interesting idea…tell us what you find and we can help build on the idea and make it more original and better.


Also to get to the next level of Luigis mansion, you have to beat a ghost and you’ll get a elevator button that you can use to put in the elevator and go to the next level

Luigi doesn’t turn into a ghost I think.

I meant to say he has to beat a gost (my bad)

No lol.

I looked at one list, and I think I might consider KOTH.

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I fixed it now :laughing: haha

okay so do you want us to build on the idea now? Or are you still looking?

Still probably gonna let a few more suggestions in first.

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Star Wars Gimfront
Similar to:
Star Wars Battlefront

Call me crazy, but I have not watched Star Wars/played any Star Wars games.


How? How did you not see watch star wars? also that pic is my reaction

I got roughly ten minutes left before I’m hopping off the forums for the week. Hopefully some great suggestions come in right before I have to go!

I’m back, and I’m bumping this! Although if nobody replies, I’ll stick with KOTH.

Well, the winner is KOTH because it’s been 30 minutes and no replies! Thanks @Dodge_Fox for the links!

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