Another new game! Sorry @Water!

I made a map a while back, taking a suggestion from @Water , but then soon realized that @Water was making the same game. I need original ideas, or at least ones not commonly used. I’ll put up the poll in probably a week, because I have outdoor school this week.

I said this in another post and i’ll say it again: Luigis Mansion.

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Please don’t put links to a different topic unless it is meaningful to the conversation. If you want help, bump it.

We told you once and we’re telling you again, stop.

You’re coming to multiple threads advertising a thread, bump it yourself if you need help so badly.

sorry I need help a lot :sob: :sob:

Ooooh Luigi mansion would be fun

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I’m a big Mario nerd lol :sweat_smile:

I haven’t actually played Luigi’s Mansion, what kind of game is it/how is it played?

Basically Luigi Mansion is a game where you hunt ghosts

How about a cops and robbers game its a common one but it would be fun

Mario disappeared and Luigi is trying to find him in a Mansion. He finds ghost and uses a vacuum to vacuum them up.

Do the ghosts have any twists, like invisibility, or could they just be sentries?

did some say ghost hunting :star_struck: :star_struck: i love ghost hunting

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Yeah they can sometimes be invisible but not most of them time.

Diferent goat have different abilities

Do they just turn invisible, are they only visible up close, etc.?

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I did doc,

Most of the time there visble, sometimes you have to shine a flashlight on them.

Randomly I believe so