Among us Pixel Art (suggestions) easy guide 0/10 ⬜


This are for people who aren’t yet sure what to do.
This post does take inspiration from @BlueBear’s post:
Custom images with pixel-art in Gimkit Creative! [:green_square:] - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative .
I really like when you use the pixels as characters in the game.

Getting started

To begin with make sure you follow this in the screenshot:

I know I’m not really teaching you but after that you can use the red and blue block to make it shaped as an among us! Hope this helped.

Not my best art/

This has already been made…


Oh, ok then this is just an easy guide.

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this is just a copie of the other guide


Did the step guide have to follow the screenshots? If yes this is just a simpler way again.

Credits to @Purple_GuyPlayz !!!

You pinged the wrong person it is @BlueBear not @BlueBear4RL

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oh srry I’ll quickly edit that.

If you want this to stand out, try making it super detailed and a different color, like green.

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What do you mean? Like I should add more texture?

he means to change it up a bit, change the color and stuf.


Creativity is always good, but what does this guide have that the other guides don’t? You need to make it special and unique so it doesn’t become a copy of other guides.


yeah more texture detail, shape, colors, shading , etc.

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its ok now right I add creativity.

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(lol) it only took one min to do this.

Not being picky… but it could be more creative…

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How? describe it how should it be?

Well… maybe make it a different color? Add something to it like a prop?

ok kind of prop should I add there?