Among us killing overlap even tho cooldown is still there

Ok so I am showing how the killing is not working.
So when I play with some ppl, and someone is the imposter, right? then when the click the button the Attempt to Kill, from @CringeKarlScott,(hope i said it right), when I click the button it “gets” them. Buttttttttt, If I overlap them, it kills them but the cooldown is still there! Pls help me!

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Its @CringeKarlScott
but I have no idea how to help. sorry

CringeKarlScott is also suspended rn

Wait, why’s CringeKarlScott suspended?

“Too combative”

im confused on what you’re saying, could you elaborate @CYANTIGERREGINS (i don’t play so i dont understand all this among us stuff at first)

Ok so there is a kill button at the bottom right corner that I programmed and when I push it it kills someone and has a cooldown so I can’t do it until the 15 second is done but when the cooldown is still there and if I overlap that person it kills them but the cooldown is not over and they can just keep on doing that. (phew)

do you have screenshots of it, preferabbly blocks if you are using it, if not, describe what device you a using and how