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Does anyone know how to make it so when the ppl are in the game then ONLY the host can push the button when the game starts and when it start its the imposter and crewmates, but there a note that pops up like in Snowy Survival or OWO that says like Crewmate: Do tasks and Imposter: Stop Crewmates. Is that possible?

Yes it is, you need to place them in a room when the game begins like a waiting room, and then wait until the player clicks a overlay for all the channels of chosing stuff and all the mechanisms show up after it was clicked.

So can I make that only the host can start it?

Yes, make it visble to him only using a lifecycle.

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Make a lifecycle trigger an overlay. Make the overlay deactivate itself when its clicked.

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Oh ok. Do u know how to do it when its like a message to that person if they are imposter or crewmate?

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I was looking for like if I was the host and I started it then a message pops up to every person saying whether they are crewmate or imposter.

I’m assuming this uses different teams and not pseudo-teams. Make the lifecycle trigger a relay. The relay should be wired to a wire repeater that only lets team 1 through. This should trigger the popup. Do the same thing for team 2.

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Ah ok Tysm @VALUEX and @getrithekd! Great having you 2 around.


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