Among us: crashed airship map help

Hi people! Right now I need help with among us map I need help with: vents voting system reporting dead bodys tasks security in the security room killing for the imposters and all the other features in among us. Any help???

i was going to help then realized that i have similar problems with my map :laughing:

Alright. Why not get other people to reply?

Try looking at among-us

Only three guides were helpful.

How about this:

The airship map has not been made yet, it is on my list of maps to make i am just very busy with design request and production of a very important map. So I would recomend building a prototype or frame of what you are exactly looking for so i can give you some pointers. If you need anything else the has to do with props or map making, i am one of the people you would want to talk to.

For vents you could use a teleporter thats only able to be used by a specific player

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