Am I able to make a notification that says when a player picks up a certain item?

pls help. I’m trying to make a game where you have to get a keycard to survive but I want to make it so everyone knows you have a keycard and they can kill you to steal it from you. please be detailed when you reply. i’m very dum

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Maybe make it so when they pick up an item a waypoint spawns on them?

Well, is it an item granter?

cause if so, you can hook a item graner to a notif (Item granted → Sent notification)

it’s supposed to be just a keycard lying on the floor

You would need a waypoint and it will have to be set to player, so when player picks up the item, it will make a waypoint spawn on that player so every other player knows were they are.


Try my keep-away guide? One second…

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A Key Cannot be picked up by a Item Spawner, so…

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I used a button and an item granter.

Just use an Inventory Item Manager (in blockcode) and a waypoint that tracks the person with the item that is changed I overcomplicated my previous reply.

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