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  1. whenever a player presses a button it teleports them in my game after it teleports them I need to give them a randomized role how do I do that do I make a 40 second cycles bettween day and night each taking 20 seconds and at night how do I make everything go black
    That’s it for now
  2. how do I make my counter go up every second?

Put a barrier over the players that activates at night.

Have a trigger that has a 20 second delay. It will transmit on “night” when triggered and will trigger when receiving on “day”. Have another trigger with a 20 second delay but transmit on “day” and receive on “night”

Yeah, do the barrier thing that covers everything. Have it activate when receiving on “night” and deactivate when receiving on “day”


Thanks so much if you don’t mind I’m gonna keep this open so I can add all my questions till I’m done with the map

us this for the daylight cycle.


Thanks I’ll use it!!!

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Make a button and teleporter and a wire: button pressed>teleport player here
Make a trigger and wire from teleporter to trigger: player teleported here>trigger
Go to blocks on the trigger and make a randomizer if u don’t know how i’ll send a pic later

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Screenshot (49)
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