Advertising my Game

Can I advertise my game in my game?

How would you do that? As long as you don’t link to an external site, you should be fine.

Can you elaborate on the question?

You could, but I’m not sure if this post is really necessary. But go for it!

Hey, @The_7th_Dragon! Glad to see your back! I should add you to my NCRA! (If you don’t know what that is, read my bio!)

As told, @car189, I don’t see why you would do that, as long as it isn’t here!

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Well, did you ask how to advertise your games in one of you games, @Car189?

if you’re saying ‘also, go play this game that i made!’ then i think thats fine

Yes, @ethannathebanana is right. I do that in my map games sometimes, for advertising it, and I want to make this for the people to play the other games that are like part 2 or 3 and stuff like that.

(If the question is: Can I advertise on the forums?) No. You can’t. you can advertise, but not here.

What you also can't do on the forums:
  • Post codes/Post Links to your game

  • Advertise your artwork/ showcase it

*Driving a conversation “Off-topic”( talking about something unrelated to that post)

  • Posting Off-topic posts or posting a " duplicate page", meaning posting about something that already exists, unless you have your own creative version (similar but different), and totally original

*Spam or pinging everyone ( please don’t)

I reccomend looking at the forum-tips tag for more helpful things about the GKC forums!
(Also check out the GKC wixsite!)

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