Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

that isn’t really on topic but ok.

ayy at least there’s no 2k replies :rofl:

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The reply count isn’t even relevant. I wouldn’t even mind if this topic had 2k replies, as long as this was on topic. Stop excusing your actions and just stop posting off topic. Anyway, gimkit awards and Josh gim.


josh closed the post about floor tile art. that post was great! I had a mewtwo i made and it got over 50 likes! and then he closed it for no reason and never reopened it. :frowning_face:

dang probably cuz a bunch of flagged posts


Oh yh idk if there’s a floor tile art category but if so I’m submitting this.


No, because people don’t know when to be quiet and admire the work.

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embeded fail lol

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That would be accepted for the gimkit art category

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there we go all fixed lol

wait nvm its still gone.

ok it worked as a quote.

I was like wait- is it just on my end

My fav weapon is PML

  • PML
  • Blaster
  • Wooden Wand
  • Zapper
  • Quantum Portal
  • Evil Eye
  • Slingshot
  • Potato (I missed one, didnt I)
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  • Snowball Launcher
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Slingshot its fast, has range. My favorite weapon. Its kinda OP.

I’m the Q-Portal King

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@Blackhole927 I have a question.
Looking through the replys, I have seen people posting custom gims. Is that what we are voting on, or are we just voting on gims already in the system?

Normal gims!


When the blaster came out, that is all I have been using. It shoots SO FAST!

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Any gims in the files.


Sick new pfp btw (I’m trying to make one for myself rn)

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We’re only voting on gims that are in gimkit.