Add image in popup

How do I add a picture of gimfish in popup?

I don’t think you can bud.

Use the icons list.
Icon List


Oh, wait, you can’t. Nevermind. It’s not on there.

Dang it! I wanted to do it!

Yeah, Gimkit doesn’t have custom images yet.
It’s better, though.

They could add gimfish at least!

You can actually! You have to go to all options and choose an image icon. They do: item/GimFish
or any other item you want.
Please mark a solution.

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Are you still here @jch10 ?

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They already have.

But you can. The solution is false.

So you’re just—

grinding solutions?

Wow, that’s—idk…

this has a solution just let it close in 3 hours and don’t solution/badge grind it is an insult to those who worked for theirs

Just leave it up to them. They don’t know yet. All solutions don’t have to be false, and no one knows everything or a particular thing. Just let them go and learn it.

:key: Unfortunately, the door has been closed…

But I have tried before and it works.

please stop everyone

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Alright, you’re right. I’m leaving this. Leave it at what it’s at.

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Just trying to help out @jch10

They weren’t solution grinding. They were trying to inform the user that there is, in fact, a way to add images to popups. I, for one, would not want to mark a false solution.

It does not work for me @Coolerthancoolest :