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Screenshot 2023-12-21 9.39.52 PM
Why is this not working this is connected to a KO Manager and it listens for player knockouts. Why is it not working?

Here is a guide about knockout managers, maybe it will help.

I’ve already looked at it, tried it but its still not triggering.

Alright just a moment.

Could you show me the setup.

Did you use a lifecycle device @Brayden_Shelton?

Is your screen size too smal?

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Sorry Im taking finals right now. The setup is like I described in the first message @sir_lancelot I haven’t used a lifecycle device.
As for screen size @getrithekd I don’t know.

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You should use a lifecycle device, and if you want to count kills put it to player knocks out, and if your counting how many times the player dies set it to player knocked out. Then connect it to the knockout manager.

I don’t think the trigger is crucial, you can just connect it directly.

I did that. But it’s still not working

Hmmmm what did you set the lifecycle device to.

It listens for game start

That is your problem set it to player knocks out if you want to count kills.

Yeah I know I set it to the setting for Player knocked out

Then it should work.

I don’t wanna count kills. I already have a system for thst. I wanna make it to where when a player dies it puts [(Player who dies) died by the hands of (Player who killed them)] in the activity feed

What is the KO manager’s blocks triggering on?

Screenshot 2023-12-22 8.35.05 AM
Screenshot 2023-12-22 8.34.51 AM
This is it

Oh I don’t know how to do that. I don’t even know if it’s possible.

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Ok… Unless you’re zoomed in, it should work. Does the KO manager listen for player knockouts?