Achievments help

I’m working on something and want achievments i know how to do it wire popups but I want a button where they can’t click it until counter opens popup which i know how to do but i don’t want them hitting the button on the popup the first call to action until it is opened by counter so they claim their reward after completing

if you go onto (my post) and then (bages) you can see how to get them and what you have.

uh what you mean by that

he’s talking about Gimkit Creative Forums badges, can you explain what you are trying to do a little but clearer?

on the top left click (my post)

in my gimkit creative game not in the forums I mean how do I make it so the player can’t hit the button cliam reward until it’s opened automatically by counter

then you see your profile then click (bages) on the right

he’s not talking about badges in here

oh then what is he talking about?

in game achievements I think, but I am pretty confused as the wording is weird

what flaggging me for being on topic what i’m talking about in a game I want it so people get a reward for achievments in their game so I made a popup for them but the first call to action button is claim reward and after ccertain amount of achievment like sentry defeats of 11 i want it so players can’t hit the call to action until it is opened by counter

oh ok, so for whatever you want it to count, have it update a property

have it so that when a sentry is killed it sends out a signal on channel idk sentrykilled, and when property 1 gets that signal it adds to the property by one.

Let me reword it i figured out how to get popup to open with the counter

What i’m saying their is a reward at the end for completing the achievment i don’t want them hitting that button until the counter hits target value does this clarify

yes, I understand what you mean, I’m in class rn tho so it might take me a bit.

um how do you make what i described happen I’m confused

I’m making it right now.

These guides might help

ok thx that would be helpful I got 90 percent it’s that one thing that got me stuck also will anyone care if my map release date for publishing is pushed till april because i got sick in januraruy and feburaury and another ilness now

alright I made it here is how it works, you will need a 2 triggers, you rpop-up that you already have, a way to open that pop-up, property, and a sentry
property settings:

sentry settings:

trigger 1 settings+block code:

action button in pop-up settings:

trigger 2 settings+block code:

and thats it, you can have it so that if the number of sentry kills is not enough it sends out a notification or smth.