A thumbnail for my game

Can someone make me a thumbnail for my game? Basically, it’s a 4 team game where your team has to get as many player knockouts as possible.
Here is the screenshot of the map, if you need it.

Let’s let the topic close now.

dude, im sorry for being rude, but have you not noticed how we’re in the middle of an epidemic of extreme load?

or I can make one for u

can you make one for me? that would be very nice. ;))

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Give me one second. I’ll make it!

thanks :DD ---------------------

Do you want a gim/s in it? - Any or a specific one? -

probably sketch (OG) and dodge. There isn’t any specific requirements, you can just use any you want.

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Whats the game your making’s name? ( to add to the thumbnail, makes it look cool! )

4 Team Showdown ______

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no? why ************************

This is the thumbnail I put together:

Uhh… Hope its good? I didn’t find the sketch thing u had asked for… srry…

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this is sketch

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Thank you so much, will use it when the game is done :DDDD

Should I remake it then? ( I can if so. )

I mean, you can remake it a little better. I don’t really like the font tho

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This a better font?

changing the color of the text would help it pop more

How about now?

Could you make the font blue? so it goes better with the background