A teacher who needs help making a collaborative project

I would like to assign a Create A Game project to my students to work on in groups. Can two students create a game together on their own computers or do they have to work on one? Also, does the game save as you work on it? This will take them several days to complete and I don’t understand how they can work on it and when the bell rings, work on it at home or come back to it the next day. Thanks!

  1. Yes, they can create a game together.
    Click the :gear: in the bottom-left-corner, go to “Permissions” and enable your chosen settings.
    Now, your students can invite each other (or you can invite them) to the game by sending the game c0de/link to edit and collaborate together!

  2. Yes, the maps do save as you work on them.
    Note: Your maps will still save even if you close the tab, but it’s reccomended to click the :gear: in the bottom-left-corner, go to the save and showcase button and click “save changes” just in case you lose your work.

  3. About the “bell” problem, you can let your students log in their school gimkit account at home so they can work on it by themselves.

  4. Welcome to the community and Happy New Year to you and your students!


Hey, @Adrienne1218!

Yes, they can collab on a project on GKC, make sure the host has permissions on by going into settings (bottom left corner), permissions (scroll down), and then turn all of these on.

The game saves every 1 minute when you work on it, but you can save it right now by going into settings and clicking “Showcase Link” or smth like that. Then click “Save”.

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The problem with this is that only one student can have the map saved to their account. Because of this, they will have to find a time together so that the one without the map can access it from the other. That could be easily resolved with work time to do this. Just a heads-up about this issue.


If the group really wants to work on their project for Gimkit Creative on their house, they have to have some random chat to work together like Google Docs, Slideshows, or other ones you found (make sure to see if it’s trusted or not)

The problem is that only one person has the map. The other cannot access it unless the user with the map is online and gives a join code to them.

On the other hand, like you said, they could work separately and tell their accomplice what they added, deleted, etc.


True, but i probably recommend google docs.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

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True, but what if they publish it on Discovery?

You can’t work/edit maps on discovery, only play them live.

As long as they don’t have 1,000 Gimbucks and didn’t level up to level 50 on all their time playing gimkit, it’s okay.

Oh. Thanks for confirming.

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Also, wouldn’t google slides work?

What do you mean?

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Yeah, but it’s like a powerpoint slideshow. Google docs is easier.

I’m talking about this.

Yes, it would work, but it’s a tool more focused on creating presentations.

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Okay, you have a good point there, @wingwave .

Also, I might be a little late, but. . .

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Welcome to the forum! It’s cool that you are incorporating gimkit creative into an actual assignment. If this counts as a competition, I recommend giving each group a separate google doc or padlet. It is extremely easy for a student to go into a map with a fake name then try to destroy it. I doubt this would happen but it’s a possibility.