A simple guide for Gimhook


Can you press shift the entire time you’re writing?

This is true. I’ve personally confirmed this with Josh when I created Gimhook. At some point I definitely need to try asking him about the possibility of letting the person hosting the Gimkit live game block Gimhook though. It would be a genuinely useful feature with almost no effort required on their end since I know they already have most of the code infrastructure for that already working and in use. (I know that at least in Classic mode Gimkit will kick the client for cheating if certain global variables are detected, and so that code can be easily repurposed for Gimhook detection)


The Gimhook SDK is a separate thing. You give it JavaScript code, or even better TypeScript code, and it will give you back a transpiled JavaScript file which you can then import into Gimhook.


Correct! But the even better way to do it, although this WILL NOT work on a school Chromebook (and for good reason…), would be to enable developer mode, install the MrChromebox RW_LEGACY firmware, and install a linux distribution onto a flash drive to dual-boot it. I personally do that.


Who created the mod tag?

@Magenta_Dragon did. It was put in List of tags NOT to use in GKC forum just now.

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We could still keep it on this post. I have a feeling there’ll be some new mod related stuff soon.


Let’s add it once there are lots of guides on mods, like how to make them.

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Why would this matter since Gimhook isn’t for cheating? Like, what woukd the use case be? Also, what if the host wanted to allow players to use Gimhook? Would it be like a setting?

I believe this is so people like TopZ who don’t want people using gimhook can stop them from using it in their games.

Also, here is a mock-up hexa made of what the option might look like:


You can’t prevent gimhook from being used, so there’s no point for an option. If the host wants people to use gimhook, they could just say “you can use gimhook”. If the host doesn’t want people to use gimhook, they can only try convincing the players.

How would we stop gimhook from being used? I don’t think this can be used with creative. Also, the setting is only for the individual game, you can’t stop gimhook from being used for the map no matter what.

You clearly don’t understand the technical details of Gimhook. Not even on a basic level. In fact, it looks like you have been so focused on the cheating aspect that you forgot everything about modding, and even basic JavaScript.

How to find this out? RTFM. If you’re on this forum topic page, you’re already two clicks away from the API documentation. But no, you just have to complain and can’t bother reading the documentation.

If you spent the (at most) 30 seconds it would take to briefly go through the Gimhook documentation, you would clearly be able to see that all mods rely on the Gimhook API, which is using the global “gimhook” variable. It is trivial for Gimkit to simply check if the variable exists and mark those clients as modified.

Now, huge surprise, this community is mostly just teenagers. Do you seriously expect, at most, for some random high school student to spend at least a week of effort to create a sophisticated bypass just to annoy people?

This isn’t an FPS game. There’s no point in bypassing the anti-cheat. The furthest you will EVER get when trying to cheat in Gimkit is annoying a few students.

Cheating with Gimhook will never be practical. Not only will Josh destroy cheating, but I will too. It will never happen. Move on.

(this is a half-joke, but the technical details are real)


Isn’t this exactly what you do?

That has nothing to do with what I was arguing about. Gimhook can be used to cheat and break games. Do I need to care about the technical details of Gimhook?

Why would Gimkit bother with that? They have so many other things to do, thats why its up to random Gimkit users (in this case, me) to try to convince people to not cheat.

Josh has tried… and he failed. You’ve kept how Gimhook works this whole time so that people can use it to cheat. Also, people HAVE used gimhook to cheat (very often), so both of your statements here are false.

Josh has indeed made Gimhook-adjacent features unusable in the past. A way to place dev devices was developed, but Josh patched it so devices would only be clientside.


Wait can I use the dev devices with this mod?

Dev devices had nothing to do with gimhook

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No, that was patched.
And that’s a separate thing.

@top-z ‘Gimhook-adjacent’, not gimhook. I was using this as a time Josh was able to patch hacks


No. Dev devices are now client side if you place them. Also, the code for placing them has nothing related to gimhook, as I said above

Is there anyway to get the dev devices? (Ive always wanted to see them)