A question about Gimkit Creative

Is it okay to make a live game on discovery or not

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What do you mean by having a live game on discovery?

what do you mean???

Like making a game on discovery with a code to another game

yeah its ok (I guess

I don’t see why not, as long as it’s not a malicious link.

(if you do I will jin)

Many other people do it

It wont apear on discovery if you have it in the title or description though

Why won’t it???

just tell me the code here (please)

Policy or some such

I would want to jin…

i thought c0des wernt alowed

codes aren’t allowed

do not send a code.

I can’t put codes here

I can’t put codes here

There not.

People do it all the time but its not allowed. No links either

Sorry dude

why can you not put a code here