A question about Gimkit Creative

It causes clutter. We don’t like clutter.

Policy or some such. you’ll get flagged or banned.

… this is not really a clutter right now


You can post codes here by joining the code sharing group!

I won’t do it then :slight_smile:


just do it if you want to I will jin

do not encourage bad behavior

I don’t want to break the rules @BANANAER

If you have a valid reason to do it, you might be okay, otherwise, yeah you’ll get flagged or banned.

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I’ve have seen lots of people putting codes in their games

Welcome to the forums, @MPAnimates
How was the fall?
Thanks for being helpful around here!

Just because other people do somthing wrong that doesn’t mean you should too.

…I have even done it lol

no there is no valid reason if you post it on the forum you will get flagged or banned. If you post a live code in a discovery game you will get banned from gimkit for 7 days. Just ask hacker.


Don’t copy the bad behavior of others. It will get you nowhere.

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Except in the banned list

Welcome, just trying to help. What I mean by "a valid reason"by the way, is if something against the AUP is in the code, but you might still get flagged. I still have to test this theory.

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