A King of the Hill type system (difficulty 2/10)

So today we are going to make a system that you would have in a King of the Hill type game. Sorry if this is sloppy as it is my first guide.

Here are your steps for making one.


x1 zone, x1 counter, x1 item granter, and 1x repeater

Step One

Place down you materials. First we are going to work with our zone and repeater. Wire your zone to the repeater like so.

When player enters zone —> Start repeater
Now we want our repeater to repeat the task that we will give it over and over every second so make sure your reaper looks like this.

Step Two

Now we will attach our item granter to what we have done so far. Wire your Repeater to the item granter with these settings.

So now that you have your item granter attached you want the item granter to grant what your game will use track and score.

Step Three

Now we will get our game to track the item granter and for the repeater to stop granting our item that our game will track when you are knocked out or leave the zone. So now go back to your zone. Set the zone so when the player leaves zone transmit a message on “out”.

We need our repeater to pick up that message and stop giving the player the item. In order to do that we need to set our repeater to stop when receiving a message on “out”.

Step Four

This time we are going to get our counter connected. This part is for stopping the repeater when there are multiple people in the zone. First we need our counter wired to the zone like so.

Now we need our counter to have a set target value. I will use two because if there is more than two players there is not one specific “King” on the hill.

Now if there are multiple players in this zone then both players won’t get the energy and it wont count towards our score.

End Results

The finished product! (What it looks like in GKC edit still.)
Screen recording 2024-03-12 12.23.05 (1)

Thanks for reading my guide! This was my first so I will take any constructive criticism I can get.


Nice Guide!


Eew repeaters /j
But nice guide!


yes I did in fact use repeaters but they did seem to be quite helpful for this!

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cool I’m great with that
things you can add

  1. a GIF at the end of what it does
  2. a version using channels
  3. trigger loop instead of repeater
  4. have the counter update a property instead save about 20 memory and remove the thing that popup up when you get an item
  5. credits there are 3 guides on king of the hill already

I have never seen King of the Hill for anything but AWESOME GUIDEE :slight_smile: :star2:

I think repeaters are useful. Indeed


This is a little bit like my guide but nice guide.

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This is a LOT like this guide


Yeah… There’s already one…


That is a game though. This guide is a system. Edit: hmm yea it does say

so… must be.

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I’m pretty sure this system is in the guide

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It should be ok though. I mean it is his first guide, right? So it should be alright for now.

Pretty good for a first guide in my opinion, lol.


Here’s the poll if we should let the guide go, it’s his first guide after all.

Do we cut Gim_Guy Some slack?
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Awesome guide! Yeah using repeaters are good in some cases and thanks for going above and beyond in using the gif! It really improves the guide!


I thank @Foxy for telling me to add a gif.


question, what difficulty is this?

Maybe 2/10 or 3/10

hello Mr spider how are you on his fine day?

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(I’m experimenting with pfps right now)


Oh, nice! Hope you find the one you are looking for.