A Formal Request:

Deadline of the game: 2024-04-25T22:23:00Z
Deadline for art: 2024-04-22T13:30:00Z
What is so important about 4-26-2024? Well, the “game” I am making is about the Chernobyl nuclear incident:
More info: Game Idea: Memorial for those who saved the world.
Anyone; regardless of age, race, Gender, Trust level, can participate, anyone can participate
What I want:

  • No gims
  • A radiation warning sign
  • Everything else is up to the artist’s imagination
    On the next Tuesday I will post a poll showcasing all thumbnails, and the community will decide which is chosen.
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i’ll make one as soon as i get home from school.

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I think that was too much bro ;-;

your already hanging on thin ice

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Have you finished yet?

yes! here it is

let me know if i need to change anything, i could also add the name of the game in the thumbnail too.


W thumbnail, thanks dude!
You want to be credited?

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thank you! and yes, credit would be nice :)


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