Game Idea: Memorial for those who saved the world

First: this may be slightly controversial, it is not intended for that
Second: There is a memorial for the 3 liquidators
Third: although we can’t see alternate timelines, we can predict what would happen in them, and the prediction for if this wasn’t contained would probably be a world without human beings.
April 26th, 1986. your living a normal life, when suddenly at 1:23 Am the emergency button “az-5” is pushed at Chernobyl NPP. Reactor no.4 had exploded.

The worst nuclear incident was Chernobyl, now there are actual floor plans online.
I was wondering if this would be allowed for Educational purposes.

I recently watch a four hour documentary of the entire incident, including the sarcaoughgous, exclusion zone, etc etc. and since the war is currently waging on in Ukraine (And some of the landmarks in prypriat are being destroyed by Russians) I wish to bring light on the situation, debunk common conspiricies, and tell of the atrocities that Liquidators committed (Commonly being: Stealing graphite and other major parts of the NPP)

I want to make this as a tribute since the event occured on the 26 of April.

NPP: Nuclear Power Plant
Graphite: A fuel that the fourth reactor ran on

(For obvious reasons I am not saying the name of the game)
Deadline: April 26th, 1:23:39 local time of the NPP
Memory Expectancy: For how big this project is I will say about 75%
That One Chernobyl guy (YT)
@Crimson_Knight (Forums) for providing floor plans
Everyone below for providing me with advice
(All credits will be listed in the pre-game room)


I think ther is no problem, but I don’t make the rules, nor am I familiar with them, so it i guess idk

This is a lot to ask, I know. but if someone can take screenshots of the floor plan of the NPP (They are accessible online on the light web) they will be credited as a co-founder of the game, which is the only (and hopefully only ever) of its kind.

My game will be based off entirely of the floor plans.

I put a nuclear booom for April fools once that oofs everyone during the effect. you should be good

As long as you don’t violate the Gimkit Community Guidelines, it should be okay. If you would like further elaboration, please give me an elaboration of the gameplay.

u replying to me or sum1 else?

No. The post was meant for the owner of the topic. From my interpretation of your post, it seems to be fine.

Hey, guys, are we sure this is appropriate?
I mean, this is going to be published on a kids platform, right?
Someone already got banned for having a violent game idea even when it was just a help topic.
And correct me if I’m wrong, but this is in the community guidelines…


im very sure its appropriate. is historical

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It is only an idea for now, and as unlikely as it is… I hope to get the game published at 1:23:39 am (Which is when the emergency button was pushed.)
Now, I need a favor of you?
Nothing much, I just need you to provide me screenshots of the floor plan (Which are 1. acessisable online, and 2. I can’t do it since I am on a school computer and it is likely blocked)

As for you @California_Love The 38th anniversy is coming up
Also, I am going to make this kid appropriate & Mostly unpolitical (I mean, we are talking bout s0viet union)

It is for educational purposes only, and will not glorify any dangerous actions.
Like I said I want to make this in memory of those who lost their lives.

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Hm. All right. But do you think this might also be offensive?
I know it’s historical, but I guess it could be all right.
Just don’t expect for this to be completely agreeable, or not flagged…

that nation fell apart after the 80s. most kids should know about this event

How would this fall under being offensive

What nation? Oh, yeah, nevermind.
Um, ok. I guess this’d be all right.

proly cuz many people got radiation sickness and all dat horrible stuff

That Nation
(Hammer and sickle moment)

Yes, an estimated de@th toll ranges from 31-450,000 de@ths. and would would making a tribute be offensive?

I mean, it’s about a country falling apart.
It’s about a war, and most people don’t like talking about wars. Ask the president of whatever country. Someone might have family or someone whose went through this event.
It might have taken a toll on someone, physically if not emotionally…
And, hypothetically, it’s about war, so it’s violence no matter what.
But, yeah, if it’s not highlighting violence or whatever kind of fighting, then it should be OK.