A bounty system

I have read guides on how to make a bounty system but they all are randomized and I need a system where after a player does 5 kos then he is wanted and the person who kos him gets a reward.

You’ve checked all of them?

yeah the ones that were community made guides.

This one?

sorry. I am making a pvp and that is a bounty between one player and another. I need one with all players can see that one player is bountied and they can go for him

hm ok.

Ok, so:
Step 1: Get a lifecycle and set it to player knocks out.
Step 2: Get a counter and wire the lifecycle to the counter to say, “When event occours- increnment counter”.
Step 3: Make the counter’s target 5, and then place a waypoint.
Step 4: Connect a wire from the counter to the waypoint and make it say, “When target reached- activate waypoint”
Think that’s it.

ok but how do I track which player is having the streak. that can work but it needs to track the player with the ko streak and a reward for the player that kos them.

Use player scope on the counter, but use global scope on the waypoint.
For when the player is knocked out you can do:
When player knocked out grant item.

can you maybe send a screen shot. im sorry im bad at this.

Ok give me a few moments. I’ve haven’t made it I just knew it.


This should work the only thing I think might not work is the Knockout Manager code:
Screenshot 2024-01-26 131503
Screenshot 2024-01-26 131514

Screenshot 2024-01-26 131529

Knockout Manager:

Screenshot 2024-01-26 131614