11 Stereotypes in the Gimkit Forums that are allowed and NOT allowed

Publik Cervice Anocement - Introduction

(joke, meaning “Public Service Annoucement”)

I have seen a lot of types of people on the forums, acting…like them. Sometimes they act like someone else or something else. I made a list of stereotypes on the forums that’s allowed and that isn’t.

1 - The New Member (APPROVED)

Well, you’ve obviously this because you might be new here. If you read this and you’re really new to the forums, welcome to the community!

These Members mean they’re new to the community and don’t know what to do around here. You can make them be welcomed by welcoming them to the community, or your style.

2 - The Code Sharer (DISAPPROVED)

Of course, this is commonly used for new members. These are the people who didn’t read the banner in the top (sometimes), and well, actually thinks they can share codes. Although, codes used to be allowed back in the day. You can’t anymore since it drops %50 of the community playing their game instead of helping out.

3 - The Ban Evader (DISAPPROVED)

If you got banned for a reason and came back, the staff may be okay so you can revise and try to be more respectful. But if you get banned a lot of times for a reason and breaks the rules, please leave. If you won’t follow the guidelines and just hate everyone for no reason or make rumors, the gimkit forums is not for you. You’re disrupting the community, wasting staff time, and being off-topic WAY too much.

If you got banned a lot and wanted to come back but follow the rules this time, maybe send the moderators an apology. They may forgive you, but it might be their choice to forgive or not.

4 - The Normal Member (APPROVED)

These normal members are members who actually help out the community and make guides. They are the good part of the community and also important.

To become one, you may have to be advanced or learn the basics. Becoming one of these will help you become the Normal Member. Nothing is wrong with it.

5 - The Moderation Bypasser (DISAPPROVED)

If you did this, there is a chance you got banned for bypassing the moderation and doing swear words. Again, you aren’t welcome to the community of you do this. People under +13 want to make Gimkit Creative Maps, and they signed up to have help from their maps. Censoring is the good part so these people under +13 won’t learn about these swear words and stuff.

6 - The Regulars (APPROVED, I THINK, IDK)

When there was people in TL3 (Trust Level 3 = Regular), tags were made. They improved the site a lot and they were active for a total of 50 days. Crazy, i know, now, they’re aiming for leader to improve the site more, and make it better.

To reach it, read this guide by the official discourse forums.

7 - The Nostalgic Member (DISAPPROVED)

I get it, you’re showing off that you’ve been in the old forums ever since the forums was made. Although that’s off-topic, this is the forum to discuss about gimkit creative and how do we do mechanics with it, not to show off stuff and become off-topic.

Although it’s cool when you’ve been here when the Gimkit Forums started. I’ve also been here-

Nevermind, i’m not showing off. Cut that part, Editor!

8 - The Wiki Editor (APPROVED)

This is obviously approved. If you don’t know, a wiki is a page where it’s about stuff the topic talks about, and anyone above TL1 can edit it.

As a Wiki Editor, it’s approved as long as you don’t edit it to be like stuff that’s just random. You can edit other people’s sentences, if you ask them for permission, anything like that.

Now, let me take a break from writing or typing this.

(insert nothing here)

(nothing here)

Okay, i’m back now. Where were we?
Oh, next stereotype, editor!

9 - The Ban Speedrunner (DISAPPROVED)

deep breath

If you ban speedrunned in this forum for no reason, GET OUT OF THIS SITE NOW. You are not welcome for this forum, you somehow learned the kids swear words, and you are not important for our community. You might be logged out reading this, aren’t you? Aren’t you?

10 - The GuideMaker (APPROVED)

If you’re a part of this, this means you’re addicted to making guides. You like them a lot, and for the true point, the guides are suppose to make you learn more stuff about gimkit creative.

You are an important part of our community, and you helped out a lot of people to build more things and show nothing is impossible.

11 - The Forum Tips Person (APPROVED)

There’s only 1 person who’s doing this. You may be saying, “That’s off-topic! They should stop doing it!” I get it, it’s off-topic, but they’re doing this to help out more people.

They are the MOST Important part of our community, knows what to do in the forums since they have been in almost every forum in discourse, and knows a lot of features about it. They are the important person for forum-tips.


Yes, that’s all the stereotypes i made for this PSA. Thanks for reading!
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I see you practicing essay writing :skull:


True lmao, again though, guidemaking about PSAs is my favorite.


I estimate that in 2 months, you will be a regular

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I’m sure everyone has nicknames for all these groups of people in their head.
(why cant I vote :white_circle: :C )

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you voted though-

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I cant undo it either, might be a bug

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Sorry that I have not been on all day, can I be informed of the important things that happened?


@WhoAmI made a devices limit wiki post


Just a day in the life of the gkc forums, a few new people joined, a guide or two was posted, a few help posts were made, I don’t believe there was anything major happened, forgive me if I’m wrong


Ok, I will go and check that out, and lol @PotionMaster.



nice psa


Nice! I probably fall into the Regular and GuideMaker stereotypes.


Btw, I don’t think any regulars are aiming for leader. The mods (i think) confirmed that leaders aren’t coming anytime soon


If anyone would be, I would vote @Zypheir. He is the ideal moderator because of his responsiblity, knowledge, and spirit for the forum. There are others that I would consider a good pick, but he would be my #1.

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I just need to find time to actually be active here…
And thanks - I don’t think I’m the most knowledgeable about GMC mechanics, but I’m glad that other people seem to find my ideas useful :]


Yeah, but you have, in my opinnion, the most responsibility and self-control than anyone else here. Sadly, based on knowledge I would only rank you 7th, but that isn’t bad.



The only thing is GuideMakers get bored after sometime and then hate making guides.