Zones, properties, counters, and respawners for setting up boundaries

I’m trying to make it so when you go out of bounds, you have a five second countdown and then you respawn, I have this done. My problem is that when the player goes back into the border it should cancel the respawn. I have a checker that checks if a property is equal to zero, if not, it kills you. The counter updates when you enter and leave the zone and updates said property, but for some reason, the counter starts at -1 when teleported into the zone

I can reset the counter if I use a trigger and disable that trigger after being stepped on but this only works if the player leaves out that entrance

Nvm, this doesn’t work

So is this solved or…

No, it is not

are there any sentry’s in your map the answer will help me help you?

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Yes, there are

okay in a minute or two I should have a reply/answer

Alr, thank you!

First you will need to make a clock

Step 1

First, you will need to get out 1 life cycle, 2 Wire Repeaters, and 1 counter.

Then you will have to wire the life cycle to the first wire repeater,

and make it say, “When event occurs repeat the pulse”

Now you will have to wire the wire repeater (the one that just got wired to the life cycle) to the other wire repeater
![Screenshot 2024-02-27 9.46.15 AM 421x280|421x280 (upload://hZKlF0qlmcHDIeduM6MBbU82HLe)
They shouldn’t need anything but this is what it will look like:

Now you will need to go into the second wire repeater and change its number from 0.00 to 1.00


Wire the second wire repeater to the first like this
Screenshot 2024-02-27 2.15.24 PM

now you need to wire the second wire repeater to the counter:
Screenshot 2024-02-27 9.52.16 AM 290x302
Wire them together saying" When the repeater receives a signal>Incremant the counter

And your clock should be done
(test it out to make sure:wink:)

This is the setup:

okay let me know when you finish step one

How does this help? I’m trying to make the boundaries work so you don’t respawn when you go back in bounds

Edit: Sorry if that sounded rude

I know it doesnt seem like it but…you know what let me finish the whole thing :smile:

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Ok, I’ll set up the wire repeater clock


okay so now let me see if the wireing works but you need to wire the zone to the life cycle…

So like “Event occurs” → “Activate zone”?

hold on I did something like this before but let me check it out…just give me minute

okay so you dont need the clock you need