Zones Appear in game when setting for visibility is off(its happening to every device not just zones now)

I loaded my game im working on and saw this:

This is happening everywhere in my map but only has been today. Anyone know anything about this?

Usually this is a visual bug but also check the “Zone Visibility” setting on the zone.

i did but it is set to off and i haven’t even messed with the zones at all.

Try clearing your Cache. You can do this in your browser settings.

I just tried that and it didnt work
plus it is only happening to the 1 map, all my other maps work fine

i dont know what to do about this nothing i am trying is working

i think that my game just got corrupted

There have been lots of glitches in the past few days. Everyone has it. It is because of the big platformer DLD update. (I think) Please mark a solution because there are many topics like this cluttering the forum.

It’s not the DLD update; it started after the sentries got names/skins.


Is it even here?

No, it’s not. That’s part of the reason we know that’s not it.

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Oh ok.

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