Zone stays in effect even when deactivated

So I have this game I’m making, and for the first five minutes of the game, there’s a grace period. During this time, I have zones covering the whole map, all with gadget fire turned off, so that players can’t PvP during the grace period.

Now, this works fine. My problem is what happens afterwards.

See, after five minutes, a message is sent on a channel, “PvPEnabled”. The channel deactivates all the zones (I checked to make sure of this), so players should then be able to use gadgets.

However, this just… doesn’t happen.

Yes, I am certain that the channel does work. It also triggers a notification, and that works fine. Yet, the effects of the zone stay even when it’s deactivated.

I have no idea why this happens or how to stop it, but it might just ruin my game if I can’t find a way.

If anyone has any helpful info, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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off topic I read ur bio
sort of
how many zones? do you have big ones?
or are they all smol ones

why… why do you need to say that… why would i care…

i needed 4 huge ones to cover the whole map

lol I don’t care if you don’t celebrate Christmas either, and its over anyway

what did you mean by

like do you not have them?

i mean there are 4 huge zones covering the map, all with gadget fire turned off, and all set to deactivate when recieving on “PvPEnabled”

so why after five minutes?

oh, i thought you read my bio, not my pfp (given that you said you read my bio, please get ur vocab right)

not that i care either way

let’s stop talking about this now

I read both your profile is in the bio as well
on topic
again, why after 5 minutes

please stop asking questions that hardly relate to the topic and are kind of pointless

I think this is a pretty common bug where you simply CAN’T use a gadget the entire game. Try waiting 10 minutes or reloading

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I don’t
answer the on topic question plz
you do want help, don’t you?

could i see your systems? also please check that all the zones get deactivated

The channel might be partially misspelled too, that’s a possibility

i’ve reloaded, and actually, that may be it… even when i’m outside of the zones, i still can’t shoot. any idea how to fix that bug?

checked, it’s not

how does your question relate to my bug

they all do, and okay, one sec, lemme take some screenshots

I just thought that might be why they don’t get deactivated
Ok, so I’ve worked with zones, and if you shoot towards them, the bullets don’t come out if you’re too close

but, i mean, what do you need to know from screenshots? i know the channel works because the notification that it triggers works, and i checked that it’s spelled right for everything

hmmm, okay
i think it’s probably @top-z’s bug where you can’t shoot anywehre in the map, tho, because even when i exited the zones i couldn’t shoot…
i’ll try getting farther away from them tho