Zone gadget glitch

i teleport into a zone and when i teleport out my gadgets wont fire

Um no offense but you don’t need to post this two times
also you can add another zone that allows you to fire when you teleport out


Do you have a no-gadget fire zone?
To fix it, you have to make another zone where you teleport after with gadget fire enabled.

Is it immediately after or did you move around a bit first?

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It just happens when you teleport out. Have the players leave the zone first.

i did that but it still didnt work

Hmmm that’s strange

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its immediatley @WhoAmI d

i can take screen record if u want

Try moving around after you teleport and see if that fixes it. Teleportation and zones can be buggy.

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i tried it still didnt work

Hmm. Try the following.

  1. Try reloading your weapon after leaving the zone.
  2. Drop the weapon and pick it back up
  3. Reload the entire page
  4. Deactivate the zone just before you teleport.
    Is this top down or platformer?

its a top down game but ok i will try them

Nope this has also happened to my games and there is nothing I could do about it and in the end I had to delete the zones. It is very sad especially in a place for like a peaceful place like a shop or voting room. But nothing I could do about it sorry

ive heard of this and had it
its a very common glitch
sadly i dont think theres anything u can do :[