Zone gadget fire problem is back again

so far i created a no fire zone that is active on game start i made it cover a large portion of area but when i teleported out of the zone i still could not fire a gadget i will test it again soon to see if it works again (really hoped this bug was gone for good -_-)

This is the zone render distance theory.

the what now? (im gonna search it up real quick…)

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Yeah… You’ll just have to make the teleporter be in sight of the zone for now…

so what im thinking is do you deactivate and reactivate the zone once out of the zone to reset it? and maybe then it will work maybe?

im gonna try it real quick (it sorta works)

um what?
what are the requirements of the teleporter to stop the zone from unrendering the broadcast?

so basically, the theory is if you get teleported out of a zone, the zone wont transmit on the chanel you put for the player leaves zone, transmit on. This is because the zone WANTS to transmit, but it gets rendered off-screen before it can.

yea but maybe triggers can replace zones for vents

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