Zone Bug don't let me use my gadget

if u enter the zone that don’t allow gadget fire using a teleporter and exit using a teleporter it doesn’t let u use your gadget like its jammed

this is just how zones work currently we don’t have a fix


I solved this by making a zone in the place that allows you to exit the no-shooting zone


Cap! (extra character lol)

It’s not a bug! In the settings of the Zone you can change gadget fire on and off (Or don’t change.).

What Michael bob said works, I’ve done that on one of my other maps.
Just make the disabling zone, then make a zone with no changes settings ont he other side of the teleported.

This also isn’t a bug, it’s meant to be this way, since the last command it received was no gadget fire, even though you stepped out, it never got the command to allow it, so it doesn’t allow it, this isn’t a bug tho, could a tl3 pls change it?

Uhm no, that’s not it, they’re talking about settings, not wires.

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